Primary Health Care Digital Collection

Whilst nurses have always worked in the community, the rise in chronic and complex conditions and population aging have created a growing demand for nursing services in primary health care (PHC). Nurses effectively contribute to PHC across the lifespan, from giving young families the best start in life, to maintaining good health in middle age and promoting health and well-being in the older population.

The size of the PHC nursing workforce and the variety of roles that they undertake has grown significantly in the last decade. Nursing jobs in PHC offer exciting opportunities for nurses to work collaboratively, yet leading the delivery of care in a range of nurse-led models.

Nursing in PHC settings is often quite a different context to the delivery of care in traditional large acute care settings. A growing body of literature has emerged around the clinical, workforce and professional challenges in PHC. I am thrilled to present this second virtual special edition of Collegian which presents a selection of papers published in recent years addressing these challenges in PHC nursing.